About us

David Delmi

Founder - CEO

David Delmi was assistant in macroeconomics at HEC Lausanne before launching HARDAH in 2015.

He is a pioneer in ethical Digital Trust solutions and social and interactive packaging. He is a regular speaker on Blockchain, DLT, social networks sociology, entrepreneurship and digitization.

In 2017 he was awarded as one of the 100 most influent Swiss in Digital Word.



  • HARDAH has made 5 years of research at EPFL Innovation Park first, and then at Masschallenge on new graphical user interfaces for the web, and on the impact of Social Networks on the society.

  • One of our laboratory tools was a favorite manager with thematic circles: sport, media, holidays, … Each bubble around a Circle was a link to a website related to the Circles topic. We tested it in many universities and cities and had more than 20'000 feedbacks from Boston, Milan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Athene, London, Barcelona, Lausanne, Yverdon, Fribourg, Lyon, Lisbon, Paris, Hanoi, and Geneva.

  • We then worked with journalists, scientists, hackers, blockchain experts, philosophers, politicians, thinkers, economists, writers, historians, doctors, and social networks’ users.

  • We made some research on the use of Blockchain for Social Networks in order to find other business models than traditional advertising. We developed as well HARDAH Business, a cloud based B2B collaboration tool for digital packaging.

  • Our founder has financed all the R&D to keep our independence and focus.