We do what we do because we believe that excellent communication and digital collaboration are the keys to innovation.


We’re going to achieve these goals by helping organizations to digitalize themselves and to succeed in this digital era.


To do so, we’re proposing a platform that is the first digital office for organizations!




We believe that social curiosity is going to be the new way to broaden our knowledge in the future.


We’re going to achieve this goal by easing and optimizing the way we are sharing full experiences with each other.


To do so we’re proposing a clever social network for curious people . Secret App coming soon after 2 years of research and development

Let's go !


Who we are?

HARDAH is a swiss B2B and B2C startup founded in 2015 by David Delmi in Geneva. Due to the lack of innovation in the graphical user interface, our founder first created a public website Hardah.com, the new home page of internet allowing user to optimize their internet experience. It was launched by the founder as a research and development tool used to create two great websites: Hardah-one.com and Hardah-business.com. The original website rapidly got the attention of the representatives of many great companies like IBM, UBS, Rio Tinto… They’ve all shared their interest in a professional version: HARDAH Business. 

After HARDAH Business release, HARDAH One is going to evolve rapidly. After that a secret smartphone application is going to be launched after 2 years of customer surveys and hard work.
HARDAH is one of the startup with the biggest media coverage in Switzerland (RTS, Bilan, Le Temps, AGEFI, Le Matin Dimanche, Couleur 3, Migros Magazine, Léman Bleu, TV5 Monde, 20 Minutes, Handelzeitung, Bilanz).

We’ve been selected in the Top 30 best European startup at the Start Summit 2016, we’ve won the Grand Prix Génération Entrepreneur and the special IMD Business School prize, we’ve been selected as one of Masschallenge Finalist and we’ve been at the EPFL Innovation Park for one year.

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Those are the values of the swiss startup hardah. In this world, digitalization is more and more important and hardah is there for you to improve, ease and enhance your digital life